Two White Lights Tee Shirts

I got a really exciting email yesterday. It had a bunch of attachments, some of which were very boring, and some of which were rather more interesting. Here’s the first part of one of the attachments.


So, I guess that means I’m officially going to the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships! What better way to celebrate than to kick something off that I’ve been thinking about for some time now?

Back last year sometime my sister made me a sweet “Two White Lights” tee shirt (and also a #benchmoretobenchmore shirt!), and then at the Oceania Powerlifting Championships in December my entire family showed up wearing them! A few people asked about where we could get them, so I decided to do a limited run.


family 2 white lights.PNG

My family and girlfriend wearing TwoWhiteLights tees (featuring IPF legend Geno ‘The Pirate’)

So here’s the deal – if you want a tee shirt they cost $30 NZD + shipping if you live in New Zealand, or $35 NZD + shipping if you live elsewhere (~21 USD or ~19 Euro). Shipping will be $4 NZD within NZ, $8 to Australia, or $14 to most other places. I’ll happily combine shipping for any number of items for no extra cost.

All orders need to be in by the 18th of April, and production and shipping will take 2 to 3 weeks from then.

To purchase, fill out this form (one form per tee) and I’ll email through Paypal or Direct Deposit details.

Thanks for your support!




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  2. Sylvia Clarkson · May 2, 2017

    Saw your T shirts in Chch last year.Nationals or Oceanias , spoke to your sister I think about bringing some down to Dunners for Nationals in August. Southern Powerlifting are hosting. Im sure they’d be popular and sell well.


    • twowhitelights · May 3, 2017

      Hey Sylvia,

      Yes, I remember you speaking to my sister about it. Closer to the date, can I contact you to discuss possibly selling them there?



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