About this blog

I spend most of my time not studying or working either lifting or thinking about it. This is primarily a place for me to put my thoughts to paper (well, cloud based server), but if anyone else gets some benefit, then that’s a bonus to me. Hopefully you can either learn from my experiences, or at least laugh at my mistakes. It’s worth noting that I actually don’t know anything about powerlifting, so take my ramblings with a grain of salt.

I’ll try to keep this blog updated with general thoughts, updates on my programming and progress. I won’t use it as a regular training log (that’s what MS Excel and Instagram are for), but I might upload the odd training compilation at the end of mesocycles or after competitions.

So anyway, here is my powerlifting blog; Two White Lights (because three means you’re squatting too deep.)


Because I can’t figure out where else to put this – The gorilla in the main photo is Chris Tan. Check him out on Facebook and Instagram.

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